Lil' Baby Thangs 



Q. Can a beginner follow your directions and have success?
A. Yes. If you take your time and can sew fairly straight. The patterns are small and seam allowance is 1/4 inch, so there isn't too much room for error. If seams are sewn wider than 1/4", the pieces won't fit together right.

Q. Which style is the easiest to make
A. None of them are hard to make. Baby Booties 1 and 5 are the simplest and 4 is the most complex, but the most versatile .

Q. What other patterns are you working on?
A. I am making Baby Bootie 4 in childrens and adult sizes. There will be patterns for a couple styles of sleepers. And I have a few more styles of booties in the works. Writing up the instructions takes the most time.

Q. Do they really fit?
A. Yes, All my patterns were designed for the 4-6 lb. preemie baby and then redesigned to fit larger sizes.

Q. Do you have a Copyright and what are it's restrictions?
A. Yes, they are copyrighted. You may make as many pairs of booties from each pattern as you wish for personal use or for gifts.
You may NOT sell booties made from my patterns without a purchasing Cottage Industry License from me. Contact me for information.
The patterns may NOT be duplicated other than coping off the sizes you need. If downloaded, you may make as many copies as you need for personal use. You are NOT authorized to give copies away or sell copies to anyone else.
For charity: contact me.