Lil' Baby Thangs

About Us

Hi, I'm Carolyn Porter West and I started sewing when I was 5 years old when I got a battery-operated sewing machine for Christmas. I loved making clothes for my dolls and continued doing that until I was in Jr. High. I then started making clothes for myself as I believed I could do it better than my mom could and in the styles I liked rather than trying to tell her how I wanted them. I mixed and matched patterns, added my own ideas and created the look I wanted. In High School I started sewing for others and also got into making stuffed animals, something I still like to do.

I got married and in 1975 gave birth to a 5 lb. 15 oz. Baby girl I named Shannon Lynn. I discovered there were no clothes available for preemies or small babies and started to design my own patterns. All but one (Tyson 8 lb. 2 oz.) of my eight children were under 7 lbs. 2 oz. And most in the mid 6 lb. Range. So I made all their clothing until they were 3 when I started to buy them jeans. In 1982 I went to work in J.C. Penny's in Harrisburg, PA. I learned tailoring from a wonderful tailor, Gus Catalano. I opened a tailoring shop in my home and did alterations and sewing for many years. We moved frequently mostly up and down the West Coast due to "his" job and I continued to sew for my family, others and do alterations.

My marriage failed and I moved "home" to Montana. I decided to do what I really loved while being able to stay home with my children, making and selling preemie baby clothes. I thought maybe it would be fun if I took all my patterns that I'd made over the years and made them available to others who liked to sew and to those who have no other choice but to get creative and make clothes for those too little to fit the standard sizes. So here is the start of that project. Since cute baby bootie patterns for sewing are so hard to find I am starting with that collection.

I now get to sew for 5 grandchildren and still enjoy designing as a creative outlet, so look for more to come. Enjoy!!